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Additives for warm mix asphalt DAD-TA


Preparation «DAD-TA» («DAD-TA2», «DAD-TA2K» ) is a special energy-saving (temperature-reducing) additive, which allows to ensure workability and compacting of asphalt concrete mix with required physical and mechanical performance under adverse weather conditions.

Allows to reduce the temperature of preparation and laying of ACM (asphalt concrete mixes) for 30 – 50 ° C without loss of quality

It is used in the manufacture of warm asphalt concrete of all types, including SMA (stone mastic asphalt) according to GOST R 58831-2020.

It provides excellent adherence (adhesion) of bitumen to stone material as part of asphalt concrete.

Additives for warm asphalt concrete of our production

Additives for warm asphalt concrete of our production

AdditiveVolume of injectionDescription
DAD-TA 0.3%
Temperature-reducing, energy-saving additive for reduction of preparation and sealing of ACM (asphalt concrete mixes) for 30-50° C with complete retention of quality characteristics.
Active adhesion is the possibility of work with wet stone material.
Thermal stability in bitumen: up to 3 days at 163°C.
economy class
economy class
The preparation quantity is selected based on the results of preliminary laboratory tests for a specific composition of asphalt concrete mix.

“DAD-TA” is a highly active liquid composition of surface active agent (SAA) based on polyamines.
“DAD-TA2” is a specially-modified surface active agent (SAA) of amphoteric type.
“DAD-TA2K” is a specially modified surface-active substance (surfactant) of cationic type.

Main advantages

Laying in cold weather
Sealing enhancement is especially important in cold weather conditions at the beginning and end of the laying season or during laying at night time. Warm asphalt concrete mixes can be laid at the ambient temperature of up to minus 10 ° C.
Extending range of mix transportation
Owing to the fact that the additive provides the mix workability and allows to achieve higher density even at low temperatures – the problems connected with long distance transportation are reduced.
High active adhesion
Lower temperature of mixing, which has become possible with application of technologies of warm mixes, can lead to the presence of some residual moisture in the asphalt concrete mix, which can prevent full coating of stone material, or in the future can lead to asphalt destruction under the influence of moisture. Active adhesion property acquired by bitumen due to the modification by additive, will allow to extrude water from the surface of stone material particles of modified asphalt concrete mix, which will ensure not only coating of stone material, but also formation of rigid chemical adherence (adhesion) between stone material and bitumen, which will be resistant to exposure to water. This excludes application of additional adhesion agents.
Reduction of asphalt concrete mixing plant energy consumption
Due to decrease of operating temperatures in the proces of manufacturing of warm mix, fuel consumption used by the asphalt concrete mixing plant is reduced, which leads to significant energy saving.
Decrease of hazardous emissions
Due to decrease of operating temperatures during warm mix laying, carbon oxide (CO2) and bituminous vapors emissions are reduced, which actually excludes hazardous emissions and odours.

Packaging and storage

The preparation is delivered in metal barrels with a capacity of 216 l or 52 l and polymeric containers with a capacity of 1 m³.
The preparation is stored in transport package or in tightly closed and sealed packing containers. The preparation is stored in closed storage areas at a distance of at least two metres from heating elements at temperatures from minus 35 ° C to plus 50 ° C, in outdoor areas under a canopy, or in specially equipped heated containers.
Warranty storage period is 1 year from the date of manufacture.

Application technology

The preparation DAD-TA (or DAD-TA2, DAD-TA2K) can be injected into the working reservoir at the binder preparation stage, as well as directly into the line of bitumen feed to the mixer of the asphalt concrete mixing plant.
The preparation technology of bitumen modified by the additive includes:

  1. Heating-up of initial bitumen up to operational temperature
  2. Injection of DAD-TA preparation in the assigned amount
  3. Mixing to a homogeneous condition

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