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Thermally Stable Adhesion Promoter for Hot and Warm Mix Asphalt DAD-M


Thermally stable adhesion agent based on fatty acid maleates. Applied in road construction for improvement of adhesion of oil bitumen to the aggregates consisting both of acid and basic rocks, keeps enhanced adhesion properties of hot oil bitumens for up to 5 days.

DAD-M is homogeneous brown viscous-flow liquid recommended for manual and automatic adding into a bitumen binder in an asphalt plant.

Concentration of injection: 0,2 – 0,6% of bitumen weight.
Average efficient dosage of the preparation: 0,4% of bitumen weight.
The amount of preparation is selected based on preliminary laboratory testing for a specific composition of an asphalt mix.

Main Advantages

Low cost as compared to conventional amine-based cationic surfactants with equal injection concentration
Special functionality providing high adhesion in asphalt mixes based on both acid-rock and basic-rock aggregates.
Thermal stability for up to 5 days
As a result of chemical interaction of DAD-M agent with components of hot bitumen, modifying properties increase and then stabilise and remain for several days, which allows to easily transport modified bitumen at long distances and simplifies approach to arrangement of work process with such binder

Package and Storage

The preparation is supplied in metal barrels with volume of 216l or 52l and polymer containers with capacity of 1m3.
The preparation is stored in transport package or in hermetically sealed package. The preparation is stored in closed storage areas at distance of at least two metres from heating elements, at temperature from minus 35°C to 50°C, in open areas under sheds or in special heated tanks.

Guaranteed storage life is 2 years after manufacturing.

Application Technology

DAD-M may be added both into an operating reservoir at the stage of binder preparation and directly in the bitumen supply line of asphalt plant mixer.
The technology of production of bitumen modified by the agent includes:

  1. Heating of basic bitumen up to operating temperature
  2. Adding of DAD-M in specified amount
  3. Stirring until homogeneous mix is obtained

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