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Stabilizing Agents for Fiber Modifed Asphalt Mixtures

Recently, in our country, crushed stone and mastic asphalt concrete (CMA) has been increasingly used to pave the upper layers of highways. This is an optimally selected composition of mineral materials, which provides the construction of road pavements with high shear stability, waterproofness and increased surface roughness. One of the components in SCMA is a stabilizing additive.

NANOBIT-SD stabilizing agent is intended to be added to the stone matrix asphalt mix at the stage of preparation in order to ensure resistance to the mix separation within the draindown limits during pre-storage in storage bins and during transportation to the paving location.
The agent is packaged in airtight containers (in 500–600 kg big bags (1 m³ or more)), providing for the preservation of the agent mass and properties during transportation and storage.

Stabilizing Agents from our production

AgentAdding concentrationDescription
Nanobit-SD0.3-0.5%Granular agent for the production of stone matrix asphalt, based on modified bitumen and cellulose fibers
Nanobit-SD+AD0.3-0.5%Stabilizing agent for stone matrix asphalt (SMA) with adhesive effect
Nanobit-SD+TA0.3-0.5%Stabilizing agent for stone matrix asphalt (SMA) with energy-saving effect (warm mix asphalt)

SMA-mixes are distinctive by a high content of bitumen.
This is required for the high-quality filling of the inter-stone space and enhancement of the mix deformation parameters. The use of special stabilizing agents eliminates the draindown during the mix preparation, transportation and laying

According to paragraph 5.5 of GOST 31015-2002 “Bituminous Stone Mastic Mixtures and Stone Mastic Asphalt. Specifications”, the mixes shall be resistant to separation in the course of transportation and handling. The resistance to separation is determined in accordance with Appendix B by the draindown factor, that shall not exceed 0.20% by mass. When selecting the mix composition, the draindown factor is recommended to be within the range of 0.07-0.15% by mass.


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