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Asphalt pavement and driveway surfaces sealer «SEALCOAT»


«SealCoat» is used for asphalt concrete pavements protection from influence of weather and climatic factors and corrosive medium, increasing resistance of organic binders to thermal-oxidative ageing in asphalt concrete.

«SealCoat» is a road impregnation material (RIM, impregnation, impregnation material, impregnating composition) intended for application on the surface of asphalt concrete pavement, serving for the properties change of the organic binder and protection of the pavement from external factors influence, penetrating into the pavement.

It is used for preventive protection and «renewal» of all types of asphalt pavement and prolongation of periods between repairs for 2-3 years.

It is a liquid from dark brown to black color.

Material consumption: 300-1200 g/m².
Mean effective consumption:600 g/m²
Impregnation consumption is defined depending on the pavement condition, porosity and roughness of asphalt concrete. Consumption rate can fall outside the specified range due to special features of the pavement and increase in case of pavement porosity and roughness increasing.

Main advantages

High efficiency
Seals and ensures both external and internal waterproofing of asphalt concrete pavements. It has high adhesive properties to asphalt concrete, concrete, stone materials of “basic” and “acid” type.
Quick drying
It is possible to open road traffic in 3 hours after protective composition application. Opening time of traffic depends on weather conditions at the time of work execution and the amount of distributed material.
Simplicity of use
Allows to carry out works both manually with the use of a rubber float and manual spreaders (pneumatic sprinkles, pouring pots, any spraying devices with suitable nozzles), and with the use of a bitumen spraying machine.
Operating temperature is from +5° С and above. The impregnation is effectively applied in countries with strongly continental climate. It is resistant to ultraviolet rays, salts, acids and alkali.

Application technology

In the process of operation of automobile roads under the influence of motor transport and natural and climatic factors an intensive ageing and structural change of organic binders in the upper layer of asphalt pavement take place, which leads to scaling, flaking, and check.

Preventive maintenance carrying out, road impregnation with a special composition and timely remedial actions in response to formed defects will slow down further destruction of the road surface.

It is possible to subject to treatment both the entire surface of the pavement and its separate parts. Treatment method choice is made after the road inspection and a feasibility report. Pavement treatment with “patches” can be carried out manually with the use of manual spreaders (pneumatic sprinkles, pouring pots, etc.) and rubber floats.

In case of defects on the pavement (for example, scaling, flaking), the impregnation can slow down further destruction.

It is recommended to use for treatment of asphalt concrete pavement in the following cases:

  • Asphalt concrete pavement has increased water saturation
  • In the initial stage of pavement scaling
  • Waterproofing of asphalt concrete pavement on bridges, carriageways, sidewalks
  • In case of cracks “healing” (up to 10 mm) of asphalt concrete pavement
  • For waterproofing of edge strengthening part of roadsides (from asphalt concrete mixes)
  • For waterproofing of pavement after patchwork
  • Strengthening and dust laying of the carriageway of the crushed rock (gravel) roads
  • Strengthening and waterproofing of padding crushed rock (gravel) roadsides, etc
Stable positive effect from impregnation application is achieved during treatment of the pavement with water saturation of minimum 3% or pavement treatment with signs of surface damage.

Sealkcoat can be applied both on a pavement with defects and on a pavement without visible defects.

Impregnation compositions are not effective if the pavement defects are caused by insufficient strength of the pavement surfacing, deformations of the base and the subgrade of a road.

Packaging and storage

The preparation is delivered in metal barrels with a capacity of 216 l or 52 l and polymeric containers with a capacity of 1 m³.

The preparation is stored in transport package or in tightly closed and sealed packing containers. The preparation is stored in closed storage areas at a distance of at least two metres from heating elements at temperatures from minus 35 ° C to plus 50 ° C, in outdoor areas under a canopy, or in specially equipped heated containers at ambient temperature away from sources of fire.
Not afraid of freezing.

Warranty storage period is 1 year from the date of manufacture.

Technical documentation


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