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NanoBit-SD+TA. Pellets for Fiber Modifed Asphalt Mixtures + Warm Mix Asphalt additive


NANOBIT-SD+TA stabilizing agent is intended to be added to the stone matrix asphalt mix at the stage of preparation in order to ensure resistance to the mix separation within the draindown limits during pre-storage in storage bins and during transportation to the paving location. Additionally, it gives the effect of “warm mix asphalt”.
NANOBIT-SD+TA – Brown granules up to 8 mm long, 4 mm in diameter.

Dosage:0,3 – 0,5% of the SMA mass.
The average agent effective dosage: :0,4% of the SMA mass.
The amount of agent is selected according to the preliminary laboratory test results for a particular asphalt concrete mix composition.

Main Advantages

[service title=”The effect of “warm mix asphalt “” icon=”icon: cogs” icon_color=”#102956″ class=”sk-service”]The stabilizing additive “Nanobit-SD+TA” includes an adhesive temperature reducing additive, which allows to reduce the temperature of preparation and compaction of crushed stone-mastic asphalt concrete mixture, as well as provides improved adhesion of the binder with stone materials.[/service] [service title=”Safe for Human” icon=”icon: leaf” icon_color=”#102956″ class=”sk-service”]The stabilizing agent is produced based on purely cellulose fibers and modified bitumen, it does not contain carcinogenic substances and hazardous types of mineral fibers (chrysotile asbestos, etc.).[/service] [service title=”Producibility and Ease of Use” icon=”icon: cogs” icon_color=”#102956″ class=”sk-service”] Due to both low bulk density and high flowability of the granules with maximum diameter of 4 mm, the agent is easily dosed by pneumatic conveying systems. Good flowability and additional talcing prevent clumping and caking of granules during long-term storage and transportation. Full coverage of the fibers with bitumen film eliminates moisture absorption and fiber burning in the asphalt concrete plant mixer.[/service] [service title=”Perfect Distribution in SMA-Mix” icon=”icon: arrows-alt” icon_color=”#102956″ class=”sk-service”] The agent composition ensures complete dissolution of the granules and uniform distribution of the fibers during mixing. The fiber becomes active immediately after distribution in bitumen.[/service] [service title=”Effective in the Asphalt Production” icon=”icon: industry” icon_color=”#102956″ class=”sk-service”] Nanobit-SD prevents asphalt stains when laying asphalt concrete. Excludes draindown into a vehicle body during transportation of hot asphalt concrete mix. Enhances the asphalt-mixing plant performance, since it requires no additional time for “dry” mixing.[/service] [note note_color=”#e3ecff”][spoiler title=”More of Our Stabilizing Agents” class=”sk-spoiler” icon=”plus-circle”][siblings][/spoiler][/note]

Package and Storage

The agent is packaged in bags with a capacity of 1 m³ or more (big bags), as well as in bags made of polyethylene film. The agent mass in bags shall not exceed 8 kg. The package shall ensure the air tightness, preservation of the agent mass and properties in the course of transportation and storage. The package shall protect the agent from the moisture of the ambient air.

The warranty storage period is 1 year from the date of production. The opened bags are recommended to be used within 24 hours.

Application Technology

The stabilizing granular agent is recommended to be added to the mixer of a modern asphalt-mixing plant onto a heated aggregate prior to feeding or together with mineral powder, providing for “dry” mixing in batch-type mixers for 15-20 seconds.
The stabilizing agent must be evenly distributed in the asphalt binder. It is recommended to use special dosing feeders to inject the additive.

Technical documentation


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