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Activator for mineral powders Preparation GF


Hydrophobisator for manufacture of hydrophobic, activated brands of mineral powder. Surfactant blend (SAA (surface active agents)) efficiently selected in relation to the chemical nature of raw materials for mineral powder manufacture.

One of the ways of mineral powders properties improvement included into asphalt concrete mixes, is their physical and chemical activation. After activation the filler becomes hydrophobic, which helps to improve adhesive properties of ACM (asphalt concrete mixes). Preparation GF allows to implement these and other tasks with stable and long-term effect.

Activated mineral powder has the following advantages: it is hydrophobic, possesses high bitumen content, which allows for its even distribution in bitumen, its use leads to higher density and homogeneity of asphalt concrete, prevents moisture penetration, reduces water saturation of asphalt concrete, which is good for roads durability.

Hydrophobisators of our production

AdditiveVolume of injectionDescription
Preparation GF-1 0,35%
Hydrophobisator for manufacture of hydrophobic, activated brands of mineral powder.
Preparation GF-20,5%

Main advantages:

[service title=”Efficiency” icon=”icon: road” icon_color=”#102956″ class=”sk-service”]Use of Preparation GF as part of asphalt concrete allows to achieve increased density, strength, shear resistance and crack resistance of the composite material. Allows to reduce bitumen consumption rate, simplifies ACM (asphalt concrete mixes) sealing. Allows to produce asphalt concrete with the maximum number of closed pores, which determines their low water saturation, and, as a consequence, increased water and frost resistance of the road surface.[/service] [service title=”High hydrophobic property” icon=”icon: hubzilla” icon_color=”#102956″ class=”sk-service”]Absolute guarantee of hydrophobic property allows to store mineral powder outdoors for a long time (up to six months) and prepare warehouse stocks during the «off-season».[/service] [service title=”Processability” icon=”icon: cogs” icon_color=”#102956″ class=”sk-service”]Activated mineral powder doesn’t become caked during storage and transportation.[/service]

Application technology

In the process of manufacturing of activated mineral powders they are added into the grinding mill in the process of grinding with the help of standard devices measuring out liquid.
The mineral powder preparation technology includes the following stages

  1. Drying-out of mineral material (raw materials) in dryer drums.
  2. Heating to operational temperatures.
  3. Dosing of dried mineral material and preparation. Hydrophobisator is injected into the hot powder (120-250℃) with thorough mixing, for example, with the use of disintegrators, grinding mills, powder homogenizers, etc. Non-activated powder should not contain more than 5 % of moisture.
  4. Mixing of the mineral material with the activator in mixers of any type (preferably in paddle mixers).
  5. Feed of mineral material combined with activator into the grinding mill.
  6. Grinding of mineral material up to the required grinding fineness.
  7. Feed of the ready activated mineral powder into storage hoppers or to the warehouse (of silo or hopper type).

Packaging and storage

The preparation is delivered in metal barrels with a capacity of 216 l or 52 l and polymeric containers with a capacity of 1 m³.
The preparation is stored in transport package or in tightly closed and sealed packing containers. The preparation is stored in closed storage areas at a distance of at least two metres from heating elements at temperatures from minus 35°C to plus 50°C, in outdoor areas under a canopy, or in specially equipped heated containers.
Warranty storage period is 1 year from the date of manufacture.

Technical documentation


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