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Adhesion additives

It is well-known that roads break down under effect of water (spalling, raveling, formation of cracks). It is caused by non-sufficient chemical bond (adhesion) at the interface between bitumen and aggregate, which is the main characteristic required to obtain efficient asphalt road surface.

Adhesion agents are designed for providing of adhesion of road bitumens to the aggregates of asphalt mix.


Application of adhesion agents allows::

  • To increase water resistance and crack resistance of asphalt mix..
  • To increase strength and frost resistance of surfaces.
  • To extend working seasons and enhance mix workability.

Adhesive additives from our production

Adhesion PromoterEffective dosage in bitumen
Adhesion Promoter amphoteric type
A series of environmentally friendly products based on natural raw materials, characterized by high economic efficiency, universal approach to the choice of stone material – improve grip, both with acidic and with major rocks of gravel. Amphoter type surfactants. Heat stability in bitumen: up to 3 days at 163°C.
DAD-1 grade А
amphoteric surfactant
manual dosing
(0,4 - 0,8%)
DAD-1 grade C
amphoteric surfactant
automatic dosing
(0,4 - 0,8%)
DAD-1 grade D
amphoteric surfactant
automatic dosing
(0,4 - 0,8%)

Adhesion Promoter cationic type
They differ in relatively low concentrations relative to amphoteric surfactants. Recommended for use to solve problems of adhesion of bitumen with acidic rocks of stone material. Dosage in bitumen: 0,3 – 0,8 %. Thermostability in bitumen: up to 3 days at 163 ° C.
amine grade cationic surfactant
(0,15 - 0,5%)
bulk solid form
( 0,15 - 0,4%)
DAD-K Premium
amine grade cationic surfactant?
reduced consumption
( 0,1 - 0,3%)
Surfactants based on polyphosphoric acid esters
It is recommended for use when it is necessary to store a heated binder for a long time, e.g. in the production of polymer-bitumen binders (PBB), it promotes dissolution of the polymer in bitumen. Thermal stability in bitumen: 7-10 days at 163°C
acid type
increased thermal stability
(0,1 - 0,5%)
Thermostable additive based on fatty acid maleinates
It provides adhesion to both acidic and basic rocks of stone material. Thermal stability in bitumen: up to 5 days at 163°C
(0,2 - 0,6%)

Selena manufactures the whole range of substances applied in global practice as adhesion agents for bitumens and asphalt mixes.

DAD adhesion agents have different chemical nature, compound and mechanism of adhesive chemical bonds, which allows flexible selection of the required reagent for any conditions of asphalt mix production.

How to Select the Agent Right?

Selection of adhesion agent primarily depends on the type of the aggregate, bitumen or surfactant and temperature of mix production. Also, there are many factors affecting adhesion quality, apart from chemical nature of raw materials, adhesion quality is also affected by bitumen structure, nature of oil material it is made of, conditions of its processing. Apart from rock surface charge, rock surface structure, porosity, form, absorptive capacity also affect.

The same adhesion agent will not necessarily fit for each “bitumen-aggregate” pair.

Selection of a specific agent is based on customer’s specific production situation. The amount of preparations is selected based on preliminary laboratory testing for a specific composition of an asphalt mix.


If the customer provides its own raw materials, Selena will select concentrations and compositions of both binders and asphalt mixes in its laboratory for free.

In case you are interested in applying our products, free shipment of both laboratory and industrial samples of agents is possible.

Expensive Doesn’t Always Mean Quality

Apart from low cost, other main factor should be taken into account when selecting an optimal adhesion agent:

  • Injection concentration. Cheapness of an agent does not always guarantee low prime cost of bitumen modified with an agent, optimal consumption (concentration) of agents is selected in a road laboratory and only then conclusion on appreciation can be made.
  • Transportation and Storage. In case of high costs of transportation and storage of an agent, it becomes cost-effective to use highly active and expensive cationic surfactants with low injection concentration.
  • Injection technology. If precise and qualitative dosing of an agent is not technically possible, it is much easier to use cheap products with relatively high percentage of injection into bitumen. Such agents are easier to measure manually and to average over the whole volume of bitumen binder.
  • Ready Bitumen Application Conditions. If it is necessary to store an agent in hot bitumen for a long period, it is necessary to pay attention to its ability to resist high temperatures over time, thermal stability.
  • Easy-to-Use Shipment Form. The range of DAD agents includes both liquid and granular products.

The DAD range includes both highly cost-effective products allowing manual injection and high dosing error and highly efficient premium substances designed for application in high-tech production of asphalt mixes and polymer modified bitumens (PMB or PBB).


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