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Viscodor Bitumen Modifiers


Viscodor modifiers are multi-component compositions based on modified synthetic waxes. When added to bitumen, they significantly reduce roadway deformation, increase resistance to rutting and improve the adhesion properties of the binder.

In addition, modifiers allow the temperature range of asphalt concrete pavement performance to be extended, i.e. they work as temperature reducing or energy saving adhesive additives in bitumen.

Viscodor PV-1 is a multi-component additive based on synthetic waxes with high adhesion effect even at low dosage. The received binder has high stability at storage for a long time (does not stratify).

Concentration:1 – 3% of binder mass.
Average effective dosage of the drug: 1,0% of the binder mass

Viscodor PV-2 – is a multi-component additive based on modified synthetic waxes. It allows to significantly increase the softening temperature of the binder, while increasing the temperature range of bitumen performance. Increases the adhesion of the binder.

Concentration:1 – 3% of binder mass.
Average effective dosage of the drug: 1,5% of the binder mass
The choice of grade and flow rate of the modifier depends on the characteristics of the bitumen, the required final binder and asphalt concrete.

Main advantages

[service title=”Enhanced asphalt concrete properties ” icon=”icon: road” icon_color=”#102956″ class=”sk-service”]Increases the efficiency of road bed deformation resistance, increases the asphalt concrete stiffness and water resistance, improves the rutting resistance factor.[/service] [service title=”Improved adhesion of the binder” icon=”icon: tint” icon_color=”#102956″ class=”sk-service”]A thermostable adhesive additive has been introduced into the modifiers, which provides improved bonding of the binder with stone materials to asphalt concrete.[/service] [service title=”Simplified bitumen modification” icon=”icon: industry” icon_color=”#102956″ class=”sk-service”]The agent is compatible with all types of road bitumens and bitumen-containing materials. The modifier easily dissolves in bitumen already at 150°C with a help of a standard agitator (no colloid agitator required). The produced binder possesses high shelf stability over a long period of time (no separation).[/service] [service title=”Advanced producibility of the process ” icon=”icon:cogs ” icon_color=”#102956″ class=”sk-service”]Due to quick modification enables prompt transition of the asphalt concrete plant work mode from conventional asphalt concrete to polymer-modified one at any time. No need to transport the ready-made polymer-modified binder to the application location.[/service] [service title=”Properties of «warm» mixes” icon=”icon: thermometer-half” icon_color=”#102956″ class=”sk-service”]Bitumen with the agent in an amount not exceeding 1% enables producing “warm” mixes and save energy both in the course of production and laying (up to 30°C lower than the asphalt concrete with SBS). This results in saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions and allows to extend the road-construction season.[/service]

Package and Storage

The additive is packed in bags polypropylene from 20 to 40 kg and more (big-bags). The package shall ensure the air tightness, preservation of the agent mass and properties in the course of transportation and storage. The package shall protect the agent from the moisture of the ambient air.
The warranty storage period is 6 months from the date of production.

Technical documentation


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