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Selena was founded in 1993 on the basis of the All-Union Surfactant Research Institute in Shebekino, Belgorod region

The Company is based on sixty years of experience in development of surfactants. We are leaders in the sphere of production of surfactant, surfactant raw materials and surfactant-based products. We develop and introduce innovative additives and reagents on the basis of them for road construction.

The Company’s production site is located in the territory of the former Shebekino Detergent Plant, the largest facility producing synthetic fatty acids and fatty alcohols in the country founded between the 40s and the 50s, which produced the famous Crystal powder detergent, shampoos and a number of other detergents.

The Company focuses on development, production and introduction of innovative surfactants and reagents based on them for road construction.In 2004, the Company undergone restructuring for establishment of a flexible and a universal low-tonnage production facility based on own process solutions. This allowed us to enter the millennium as a perfect Company and a reliable partner in the Russian and international markets of surfactants and special chemical reagents.

The Company operates an advanced production site based on the Shebekino Chemical Plant

We have a fully equipped chemistry laboratory and a group of highly-qualified chemical engineers.

Our main laboratory and testing facility is the road research laboratory of the Motor Roads and Airfields sub-department of V.G. Shukhov BSTU supervised by professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Valentina Vasilievna Yadykina. At present, the laboratories of the sub-department are equipped with cutting-edge equipment, devices and computers allowing to analyse asphalt mixes based on the world’s most progressive quality control methods (GOST, EN, ASTM, SuperPave). We also cooperate with a number of other road research centres and laboratories in Russia and abroad, which allows us to be confident in high quality of our products.

The Company pro-actively participates in the main events of the road industry.

We visit exhibitions and science conferences, introduce new technologies and own inventions in production. We never stop our scientific and research activities, which enables us to increase quality of our products and widen the range of innovative preparations and reagents every year.

By virtue of the flexible Company structure, we are always open to a new stage of cooperation with our partners. This establishes conditions for long-term and fruitful interaction.