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The bitumen plasticizer for PMB production Uniplast


«Uniplast» is used as a plasticizer that does not contain mineral oils and fire hazardous substances for production of polymer-modification binders in accordance with GOST R 52056-2003 in road construction.

Uniplast – the liquid is dark brown at 25°C, which makes it easy to dose and pump. At temperatures below 15°C, the product thickens, in which case the product must be heated before use.

Dosage: 0,5 – 7%  of bitumen weight.

The preparation quantity is selected based on the results of preliminary laboratory tests for a specific composition of asphalt concrete mix.

Issues to solve:

At injection thermoplastic elastomers into bitumen without plasticizers, 5–6 % of polymer by weight is required to obtain PMB with optimum properties. Thereby, the viscosity of the resulting binder is significantly higher than that of bitumen, which can lead to technological difficulties in the process of preparation of asphalt concrete mixes at Asphalt concrete mixing plant. You should not increase the temperature of preparation to more than 160 ° C, because in Russia, oxidized bitumen is used, which is subject to intensive ageing at temperatures above 160 ° C. The initial temperature of polymers destruction, such as SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene), is 180–190 ° C.

“Uniplast” use allows to provide the required temperature conditions (not exceeding 160°C) and significantly improve efficiency of the injected polymer, i. e., to receive PMB with developed three-dimensional structural polymer network at a minimum content of the polymer of 2.0–2.5 %, as well as, in some cases, exclude colloidal mill from the required equipment set.

Main Advantages

Improvement of PMB production productivity
Application of Uniplast plasticizer allows to significantly accelerate the process of PMB preparation by means of time reduction necessary for polymers dissolving in a bitumen binder.
Enhancement of polymer use efficiency in PMB
Uniplast plasticizer application in the process of PMB manufacturing allows to improve solubility and uniformity of polymer distribution in PMB, as a result of which it is possible to reduce the concentration of the injected polymer without degradation of PMB quality characteristics.
Increase of economical efficiency of PMB production process
Uniplast plasticizer application allows to significantly reduce the cost of PMB by means of energy consumption reduction for its manufacture and reduction in expenses for expensive polymer raw materials.
Improvement in the productivity of asphalt concrete mixing plant
The use of PMB, which includes a plasticizer Uniplast, allows increasing the productivity of the asphalt plant in the preparation of polymerasphalt concrete mixture.
Quality characteristics improvement of asphalt concrete mixes
Uniplast plasticizer application allows to improve a number of deformation parameters of asphalt concrete mixes, increase their workability and compactibility, and ensure the required brittle temperature (up to – 30° C) at a minimum polymer content.

Package and Storage

The preparation is delivered in metal barrels with a capacity of 216 l or 52 l and polymeric containers with a capacity of 1 m³.
The preparation is stored in transport package or in tightly closed and sealed packing containers. The preparation is stored in closed storage areas at a distance of at least two metres from heating elements at temperatures from minus 35 ° C to plus 50 ° C, in outdoor areas under a canopy, or in specially equipped heated containers.
Warranty storage period is 1 year from the date of manufacture.

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